North East Hampshire has been sold down the river by the Conservatives” says local campaigner Alex Brewer. “The River Whitewater is one of only 200 chalk stream rivers in the world and there’s a sewage outlet into it - regularly pumping out waste. “And that’s not even the worst of it for local residents. Gardens and fields are regularly being flooded with waste while the water companies receive little more than a rap across the knuckles and announce record profits.”

Alex has been actively monitoring local sewage outlets and spoke to ITV Meridian about a particularly distressing case of sewage in a resident’s garden. Alex helped them raise awareness of the issue when they have struggled to get any engagement through official channels: “Sewage was pouring into their garden and they couldn’t get anyone to listen or help resolve the situation.

“This is yet another example of the Conservatives taking us for granted and failing to hold water companies to account, all to the detriment of local residents. The cleanliness of our local area is suffering as a result of the Conservatives’ lack of political will do to anything about it. “Water companies should be changed to Public Benefit Companies, required to meet strict environmental standards before shareholders are paid dividends.”

Alex Brewer