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Here for Hart - cost of living advice

Lib Dem-led Hart District Council is providing additional support to local community organisations as people in our area, and the UK, continue to feel the effects of the Tories' disastrous crashing of the economy under Liz Truss and her cabinet.  An additional £50,000 has been made available to community groups providing support such as food and warm clothing to those most in need.

This Lib Dem-led initiative is an addition to the 'Here for Hart' directory, a comprehensive source of vital information and advice. You can access it online, so your privacy is maintained. As the cost of living crisis continues, the Resolution Foundation recently reported that this Parliament is the only one since the second world war where people are worse off at the end than at the beginning. And with inflation still high, this picture is set to continue.

Stuart Bailey, Hart’s Lib Dem Councillor for Communities, said: “We wanted to have a single place where people can find out everything that’s available to them.

"From community pantries and foodbanks to financial help and money-saving tips, there’s something in there for everyone.”

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Cost of Living Comparisons